Rinske Douna


YouTuber, Fluid Artist & Graphic Designer

My name is Rinske Douna, 32 years old and living in The Hague, The Netherlands. Friends would describe me as designer by day and painter by night. Creativity has always been my second nature, but my real passion for painting started in my early twenties. 

Nowadays, nothing is safe, everything is painted with a dash of Rinske Douna ;-). Most of the time I make my own fluid paint for my artwork. I really love the way the colors interact with each other. You can often recognize my style as being very bright and colorful. Living close to the beach, and being obsessed with the ocean, the waves, its movement and the colors, my work is often inspired by it. 

Once finished, the painting is topped off with a couple of glass varnish coats, to give it a strong and shiny protection layer. 

Video’s:   www.youtube.com/c/rinskedouna 
Website: www.rinskedouna.com¨

Dozent bei artteams seit 2020